Freestyle Friday Vol. 1

by Philo Reitzel

I let my muthafuckin beard grow long as fuck now this muthafuckin song is stuck in ya head, you got kids better put em to bed this ain't for their ears yet they can't grow no beards yet drive my muthafuckin beard around on a truck it's a Chevy so it's strong as fuck it can carry the heavy load that nary a face has growed or grown, you need to borrow some I'll give you a loan I got beard for days, start a bearded craze might rock my beard in a bearded braid one time my beard nearly got me laid til she saw James Harden and said I'm merely startin my beard adventure that I clearly entered way before you amateurs in No Shave November it's a beard race and I'll be the clear winner and even save a little taste for after dinner.
I came to peel the paint from the fake facade like acetone/ and make a lot of magic happen between now and when I'm passing through the catacombs/ adding up the bones all alone/ feeling satisfied to sing the saddest song/ Catch me if you can come along we won't go quietly/ on some positivity but there's a shadow side to me/ lost souls that ride with me wherever I travel won't let it unravel/ on this uphill battle I won't be cattle/ my higher power is my shepherd not the leopard in a suit/ who's terrified that we'll defy the lies and find our inner truth/ & I can't justify rockin violent nonsense/ in the midst of all the conflict people that are targets/ we're victims of a pervasive mentality that glorifies the causer of the casualty shit!/ our mental faculties are actually lit/ that's the secret we can never forget/ I question the intentions of my creative inventions/ try to make the best of all the gifts that I've been given/ will my ambitions amplify or remedy division/ as long as I'm alive I'ma try and make a difference.
All this fame it’s not appealing People will say they’re being honest when really they just wanna hurt your feelings Condescend and give you a ceiling The mediocre path does not equal humility my ability Should be pushed to the best when I’m put to the test Gotta battle my ego’s fragility I’m ouchea walkin on a thin line Between the hard times that shaped me and letting my light within shine Reachin for my spiritual top, climbin a incline And it’s a trip that’s never gone stop, sealed signed Delivered truly got homies out here unruly But we’re all god’s children glad I grew up fore it caught up to me Shit I was ouchea doin could tell that a storm was brewin Got do it movin, big love and props to all my humans
Logically, I might be a bit of a crazy person The way I’m urgently creating when I spit these verses possibly OCD Even chop my own beats on my old SP 404, I’m a 828 O G Emcees know the score and know they can’t see me The most consistent, operation I don’t make it too complicated My lyrics burn like Ancient Age Skills stay sharp as a serrated blade (Philo) My style is positive change Seemed like nobody was drivin so I took the reigns My brain is a powder keg contacting flame Massive explosion exposing the lame Claim it’s in the name of entertainment But what’s entertaining if you always say the same shit Think a minute on that, I’ll bring it back Called a lot of people out but it was all facts built to last tall stacks palm itcher lotta cats’ll get forgotten like y’all contract dementia
What’s important in your life, the big question Your profession, is it your family’s affection Sugar, confection, your block, your section Rockin at the function, romancing, sexing Feeling the respect when you enter an area Enjoying a sunset with the people that care for ya Getting out in nature The sounds of thousands of people under shadows of skyscrapers Placing high wagers, making high wages Running highways, playing fly stages I do it my way I’m a trailblazer Outpacing haters they can’t hold my pace up Had to face the music and get right with God Build with my squad when the times get hard Never doubt yourself cuz without yourself All the wealth in the world can’t help Hold onto health and the trust of your loved ones Trust in yourself, go with your gut, one In 7.7 billion Give it up for the life that you’re livin I’m a stay with a message (Philo) stay driven
Consistency, what is life if not a fight Against constant encroachment of entropy ending in eternal night When I was young I used to wanna be like Mike But now the confines of a court seem to severely hinder sight Of my mind’s eye, time flies, but I’m a catch the draft And ride it to the top above the clouds honing my craft My moment of truth is now and every instant after Livin in the present chapter spreading smiles and laughter The evils try to capture us media here to baffle us Telling us look thataway while every day they gaffle us And tough is not killin ya brotha, fuck that Tough is standing up to the people that created the trap They hijacking our thought process, gaslightin us Tellin us we wrong so long that we can’t see the right in us But you are powerful and beautiful And will only continue to grow as you embrace the truth in you
Little things turn to big things you’ll never be broke if you know how to fix things I risk things contemplate what this means Try not to miss a moment in the midst of this dream Try not to complicate what it is to be me Peace to the people who were there to teach me If it was easy then I wouldn’t get the feeling of accomplishment Breaking through another ceiling give me confidence Cmon let’s walk a bit We can hike up the mountain break bread at the top of it I’m positive cuz fuck the dumb We’ve all lost someone I almost ended my run Before I got momentum but I got a second wind & I done took off sprintin I got gifts I’ll give em Share em till the world pay attention I ain’t scared of the mirror I got faults I’ll admit it But the only mistake I can make At this point is to quit before I see it all shake out It come and go quick as ordering take out Thank god I didn’t drown that day at the lake house
I got this old style I ain’t flipped in a minute From days when I kept my source of income omitted We were poor and pay was intermittent So I worked on some ways to increase my bank digits On tests as a Young lad, I scored terrific But I was more impressed with how Young Lay was livin I know that’s rather vague I can’t be more specific We’ll continue this discourse through the course of the visit The forces that shape us or hold us back Are running races like horses on oval tracks You gotta know the ledge cuz the colder facts ‘ll smack you upside the head like the jake’s blackjack Life is like a Laundromat, it all comes out in the wash Everybody wanna live posh Running like rats on a chase for fromage Reach the finish line and find it’s all a mirage My gosh, cause and effect and everybody got they sticks out shoutin threats I just wanna keep it real cool Raise up my self esteem here’s to you
Sittin on a milk crate up in my chicken coop Thought it would look entertaining and great for Ricky to shoot My photo in said setting and I’m on number 62 Of Freestyle Friday as if I ain’t got other shit to do I do, a journeyman with any skills necessary To pay my many bills collections vary Progress energy kept changing my draft date Which in turn was makin my bank account overdraft great Now Wells Fargo takes some food off my plate For moving my money from my savings they charge a flat rate Reappropriate from my plate to theirs Full of shrimp and fat steak baked medium rare I’m a little bitter I wasn’t invited to dinner Desire to live in a world where services delivered Are not intended to leave my finances upended Or I can wish for water while I’m crying a river Navigating upstream without a paddle or map They speak in riddles it’s difficult to communicate back Does anybody read before they click agree to contract? I once had a dollar and I turned it to four That didn’t seem like enough I needed a little more Stole a pack of cigarillos out the corner store Sold em for a higher price that tallied nice for my score I liked where this was headed felt everyone was indebted My fingers got sticky I’ll pick it up where you set it The golden rule I mighta read it felt a fool made the message Cuz who gone gauge your efforts with praise if you ain’t breaded In the land of the brave and the free the only thing respected Is money I make or take from the weak, check it How you gone speak to me about morality When our country was founded on a moral fallacy fuck outta here You probably still think Elvis was the king Singing songs that’s written by Otis he stole his style and no one noticed And that’s exactly how they rig the thing With trickery diverting our focus while they eat everything like locusts The system is as slippery as soap on a rope is Watch em all the time can’t let em catch you with low lids I never sleep, cuz death is the cousin And cleaned my act up too easy to slip when you buzzin
I created a hard and fast limit, then wait till the last minute To take the necessary steps towards getting the task finished In a way I bask in it Let the pressure gain critical mass Pressure cooker push me harder to fill the food in my larder This never worked with homework always said I’ll do it tomorrow My art is always different, I gotta push it farther I’m my only competition in this discipline like parkour Keep the snakes exposed like a lawn mower encore Conjure up concerts clap till ya arms sore I hope you want more I plan to keep on lacin it Lend your ears to listen a symbiotic relationship I’ve learned that patience is nothing like complacency Want people to notice grab their focus til you make em see Bring em up to speed, low latency Make my way I don’t plan to stay no vacancy
Take a moment to breathe (breathe) Be mindful of my life between now and when I leave Easier said than done so much information received Give into temptation too often scrollin the feed There’s so much outside devices and vices That hold us ransom put prices up on our head our head is priceless It’s hard to see calamity from deep inside a crisis Holding on to all we know in hopes that it suffices I done lost a lot of homies dead and living rather us grow apart than sacrifice part of our vision decisions must be made as forks in the road appear and you gone hit a mufuckin tree if you don’t steer I love you hope you got love for me, don’t fear The change that’s gone come with the passing of each year My passion is so clear it pushes me into action I pray that following your path brings you satisfaction
I been chillin, psyche, I been getting hype I been going hard for mine nearly every single night What’s it really like to get more than a little bite Had big dreams of flight since a kid on a pedal bike Set my sights high believe what my minds eye Sees raise my talents up to higher degrees A jack of all trades, took a minute to get wit it But finally learned how to act my age Transparent, seems like everybody masquerades You’re only lying to yourself at the end of the day And when I lay down, whether for tonight or for the last time I don’t want a bunch of regrets trapped in a sad mind Used to think I was born under a bad sign But I just had to reach out for help, someone’ll cast a line time ain’t wasted if we learn from our mistakes Get out there in the ocean catch your wave before it breaks
I cracked that fortune cookie, read it It told me take the chance now pessimism dead it The golden ticket surely won’t ever be hand delivered I’ll manage to get a sliver of success if I stay driven If I compromise intentions in the name of fame and riches I’m a sucka, but that ain’t how I’m livin The world can be a prison or a prism The lens that we’re viewing our reality through can make a difference I surely thought I wouldn’t be in my current position But life has funny way of showing us our mission We can blow it off, call it coincidental Nah into that good night I will not go gentle keep it so simple in this world of complexities open up my ears to the people that’s next to me strive to be the best that I can be while staying grounded & hope to leave this world a better place than how I found it
Pushin uphill but I got the ball rollin Been climbing to the top from the bottom of lo totem You could feel the chill my heart was so frozen Made a deal with the devil but didn’t get through the closing My Corazon is now thoroughly thawed out I pause now, think of my cause now I’m all in bare my soul secrets are all out No time for pussyfooting around with small amounts Of effort when the best are only separated By the demonstration of ability to fail then get back up and make it Happen again, trust your vision and stay creative Find a solution on a case by case basis I will never portray stasis until I’m interred In my final resting place smile on your faces No matter what that date is Life is a gift that should not be wasted I try to do my best, Pin my heart to the sleeve of my vest Feel my blood as it beats in my chest See the peak as I’m reaching my crest one
I might be a muthafuckin mathematician I know I can’t stack no money up in active addiction People ask a question but don’t actually listen To the answer if it don’t fit in with their current traditions I used to work in the kitchen, then I worked in the front of house Then worked overtime to discover another route My line of work is furnishing mental furniture My only regret is it didn’t occur to me earlier I persevere to the edge of the earth’s curvature Percy Sledge, stirring inner emotions up If you gone cook a ham we gone roast a duck That’s a easter egg throwback for folks who know my older stuff I’m old enough to know better but young enough to try it Being jaded is overrated remain excited I’m ultraviolet until the day that I go silent Embracing destiny, there’s no other feeling like it Tryna spread the fire inside while I’m alive Feeling psychic I know I’m in for a wild ride I hope it ain’t a time trial I hope I find the time like a sun dial One vial life’s a trip so get to travelin Hittin my target like the tip of a javelin
How you feeling today Did you lock up your feelings so no one can steal em away Ayo, there’s living to do Who better to experience it than you I can’t live in the zoo, I moved outta the city I’m a wild animal, shout out to Cellski On a quest to be independently wealthy But if my spirit ain’t healthy than the money can’t help me You can’t really pull people along Gotta do your own exercise in order to get strong So many decisions I made objectively wrong Succumbing to my peers when the pressure be on I had to learn to think for myself first And think of my self worth it took hella work I had to ask for help, and asking for help hurts The pride of the heart that I’m wearing on my shirt And I’m not making excuses Navigating our society’s many elaborate ruses How do I blow up, without blowing my fuses And make the people jump without straying from what the truth is
I’ve heard it said it’s just business As if that excuses bad behavior in the face of the witness Alleviates any pressure felt for making a difference Go ahead say it in a sentence It’s just business, separating action from the concept The people from the profit Laborers from the labor market Loan sharkers from the waters, as they hunt for their next target I’m trying to build a brand without being branded And keep the people entertained while still remaining candid Learning to accept responsibility And that I can’t fix all the problems every person dear to me faces But maybe I can fix some of my own And you can crash on the couch every once in awhile in my home It’s a line between enabling and helping It’s hard not to blur the lines they usually end up melting I’m a line stepper, spicy cracked pepper Broke the fourth wall to share my heart I hope you felt it
I like to say wsup when I write my raps Aloha, Nihao, shit like that Extending out my hand for a friendly dap Collaborate with people all across the map Any hate implied is a mufuckin trap I got a sunroof top with a diamond in the back And I may feel like Curtis when I’m laying down a track Digging on the scene like a gangsta mack Relax, you’re in good hands You are the architect of your plans I don’t sweat people’s petty demands But I stay motivated always ready to dance Taking every chance necessary To enhance the expanse that my thoughts can carry Add another book to my library Taste the fruits of a juicy berry I’m a literary visionary Let you know you can survive coal mine canary I got my own shine tomorrow don’t scare me Staying in the moment while I’m also preparing Doin my thang give a fuck who’s staring Breaking our bread comin up we’re sharing Airing out so we can breathe And make our world from make believe
Ghosts, I see ghosts I don’t even believe in ghosts but still I see ghosts People that’s dead to me we used to be close People I’m close to they dead can’t let go I don’t wanna stay stuck in the past not that retro And being a sad bastard’s not part of my manifesto That’s why I’m bouncing thoughts off the glass just like an echo Hoping you can offer something of balance just like an escrow Are people an archipelago? I assume we’re more connected than it’s possible to ever know Mental rigidity is the enemy I navigate life with finesse and flexibility Everchanging is my current arrangement Gotta pay my rent daily to make and maintain it It’s precious and finite When I’m old with no eyesight did I find gold or pyrite? The joke is probably the first is the second And precious minerals really ain’t all that precious The joke’s on me but damn it looks fresh And hopefully I’ll be laughing on my way out the exit
I track money, I track time I try stay on track without a one track mind I don’t mind waiting but I hate waiting in line I circumvent the status quo shape my fate and design Understand the importance of understated delivery Amidst despots waving heavy artillery Searching for tools to help alleviate the misery Broken the rules hope they abbreviate the sentencing School of hard knocks system is so menacing My alma mater hope I won’t be revisiting Inquisitive minds strive to understand the mystery Time flies in the new era that we’re entering Refill your medicine chest With something easily digestible in 60 seconds or less Pressure, we jump through hoops that’s irregular Watch out for feedback loops and juke predators ambivalent, careful who I put up on the pedestal The temperature’s rising but the sauna feels incredible
Everybody got a story I tell mine as an allegory of a spiritual journey Simply learning, discerning what’s important Living a parable, the hare versus the tortoise Sometimes facts can hold you back and fiction lets you believe You can achieve goals rationally far out of reach Chisel a sculpture carved out of speech Shining stars that can carry as far as our heart beats And past that, amassing all the good Relearning truths forgotten once universally understood I’m a kernel of the universe I’m born from and one day will succumb and return back into the earth It’s not grief I should feel but true peace revealed Once the veil is peeled back we can see what’s real A meal for my soul It took a while for me to find the dinner table hope my food ain’t get cold Hope I follow the light that glows within side me I find the gift of life so inspiring Die with a smile on my face and still trying My feet rooted deep to the ground my mind flying
Im trying not to utter trivial syllables Silence is golden but communication is critical Attempting to process my emotions when feelings are visceral But usually end up acting from the gut not my occipital I’m a work in progress like all of us but I’m learning See my faults as points for improvement and not a burden That’s the goal, it’s not always necessarily workin My self doubt lurks in the shadows like some nefarious person What you covering up, velvet merkin discovery What we hide behind closed curtains sometimes is certainly ugly I got memories from the past that fuck with me My first instinct is to suppress em nothing to see Could probably use my fair share of therapy But something bout opening up to a stranger is scaring me Fahrenheit 451 while you watching on my tv I got problems since I was a Juvenile 400 degreez Bubblin hot, growin flower arboretum Trouble in the spot they got em after that you never seen him Came back but his story don’t add up so don’t believe him Got damn ain’t it tough just to be a human being
This beat got legs It might walk to the abyss and peer over the edge It might contemplate the risk of jumping over the ledge Then show up to your crib and fix some bacon and eggs Breaking some bread, making some friends This beat got years ahead of it I’m merely breaking it in Never feeling out of place it’s comfortable in it’s skin Never frontin actin fake it doesn’t have to pretend Got a passion for making things happen magic begins The instant this beat meets up with an emcee’s pad and a pen This beat is ballin, runnin up a tab and it spends Like Diddy in ’98 with a charismatic grin When I’m rappin on this beat I get sad when it ends A little sappy but I’m happy just to know where we’ve been We’ve had a lot of good times together memories and rhymes I’ll treasure This beat let me down easy, nothing lasts forever
I take it back in time with my process Slow it down in the midst of technological progress Chopping with a two decade old machine Might seem arduous but nah it’s just flavor to me A labor of love making money is not the motive Say it was I would’ve never have made it up to this moment I create for the sake of creation For my it’s like taking a breath, I’m never scared there’ll be no oxygen left The vinyl makes a mutation Once it’s sampled in it’s new food for creation for future generations Under the tutelage of greats that came before us Music is as ancient as the roots that make a forest It’s always changing like the seasons are Get stuck in your ways it pass you by just like a speeding car And that’s just fine until my time run out I’ll be strolling down the roadside of life with my thumb out
I can’t give you my password and login We all access the same pages but customize our options Try to steer clear of the debris and the toxins What I fear is right here in my head fulla monstaz Make believe water moccasins put poison in my thought stream Energy vampires suck the life outta dreams I can’t have em round my team I’m gonna shine bright and do the next right thing All that chaos, I still find it enticing But only got a finite time til my life ends The evils trynna knock me off my game like a tight end If life’s a bitter pill my resolve is the icing The winter chill hits us all as we remember fall Hope you build a fire within insulated walls And keep that spark within you as you continue Doing what we’re sent to learn from what we’ve been through
Listening to an interview with Leonard Cohen’s son And I wondered how we know if the show is ever done When the sun is setting and the shadows run long Will you remember my catalog or only one song The questions that beg no answer The world is a beach that I bring my sand to Romantacize life and I live my fantasy Can’t you see there’s nothing that I can’t do And you the same true game The spark to ignite our dreams like butane Burn hot blue flame I’m shootin my shot with true aim Open to embrace the new change It’s a new version of him, don’t use a pseudonym Mix the old style with the new the two will blend Rewrote this verse three times I never mail it in Force of energy I’m a sail to wind My life was in a tailspin thankfully it righted itself Or one of y’all would have to write of my death But my heart beats strong in my chest Make the most of every day and each breath
Everybody got a cross to bear You might come up when you at a loss for air The thoughts that I think when I’m off the air They be hard to share, freak out, toss a chair Stressed out, loss of hair Checked out as if I don’t care, not all there Been ghosted by folks who didn’t deserve my time Afloat in a ocean of feelings of heart I died A tiny bit on the inside but then rise Love and hate is a thin line the incline Of my life has pitfalls and windfalls It’s all intense it keeps me enthralled I’ve been in walls and felt emotions That had me open, but still it’s hard to open up And I don’t know what keeps me shut It’s like I can’t speak of what I for real feel in the feelings of my gut This is real spill I’ve been sealed up long enough But I’ma take time to grow A lotta new tools that can help me navigate the roads The more I learn the less I’m sure that it stops I dedicate this rhyme to my Pops
Styles, styles, so many styles I keep it Casual surpassing tribulations and trials Travelling many millions of miles A country or city mouse I’ll come and sit in your house Bit off more than you can chew? Then spit it out If I don’t like the looks of where I’m headed time to switch the route Got a lot to figure out, I don’t chase clout Wonder what is that race about Pull a ace out the deck and it’s all respect You get locked up, you can call collect I’m all ears 2020 the future is here Rewind this in five years and view it as a souvenir I’m sure there’s a lot to see I gotta decide what is and what is not for me A hot commodity I’m ecstatic Ex active addict, had to learn the power of habit With a clear view looking through the rearview I might be closer to objects than I appear to Be, or maybe they’re closer to me than I’d like to admit real sneaky keep my composure and keep my rhymes cheeky know the time from my fresh time pieces let’s find love find happiness and get paid I wish you all the best in the next decade
Seeing old friends, that’s a good feeling As the world spins Two decades worth of rotations a lot gone change Is the only constant gotta act my age And I don’t mean slowing down getting frail and weak I’m talkin bout growing up in the driver’s seat I’m in my prime work and learn till I reach my peak And hopefully then I’ll plateau But we all know that’s not how that go at least we pretend That life lasts forever then act all surprised at the end Four friends stand on the same street But it’s twenty years later though it feels like four weeks The illusion that time weaves There can be a disconnect from what the body feels and what the mind sees Separate but connected, Siamese I wanna die my best death when it’s time to leave
I’m not content with the same It’s a long way to where I went from where I came I share my pain I share my hope I share my dreams I share what it means for me to cope Close is not enough we die if we relapse Can’t live as if detached we bleed just to see that My knee jerk reaction is just jump back in again Burn it all mixed with the ash of my innocence I had a flashback to when I was out there You could feel the desperation in the clouded air We all runnin outta air and feel the need to air it out Feelin left alone like we the ones that no one cared about Pair this with a lack of impulse control And the snowball gone roll as the entropy grows Til it breaks and disintegrates, breaks our soul I’ma pump my brakes, I’ma break my mold I don’t need to mimic other people’s bad behavior I can plant a seed and it will grow to something major Esteemable acts bring self esteem back And I know I’m worth something that’s a muthafuckin fact
I might be running out of things to say I don’t wanna be that dude that gives a PSA every 7 days Sounding like somebody’s square dad rappin Lookin in the mirror like “damn Phi, when the fuck did that happen You used to be a lot of fun and run the streets But then you grew a beard and turned into the weird fun police I’m unimpressed with your sophisticated consciousness 69 out of 80 times you merely state the obvious We get it, you’re positive Why don’t you start a rap group with Logic while I unfollow this You bandana t-shirt modeling Wrong demographic for the culture muthafucka why you botherin Are you hiding a receding hairline?” Nah that’s just my widow’s peak dude be careful when you speak to Your great uncle, cuz I need help too And next week I got some more advise to tell you
Can we be friends? I’d like that very much Hike up on the mountain watch the sky and share a lunch I hope you care a lot I care a bunch We make a bright pair like a pair of gold fronts You make my air light and breathable I got your back in a fair fight or even one that’s unreasonable But we ain’t tryin to quarrel with other people We’re cruising, maximum mileage like it’s a diesel My watch don’t have time for the evils I’ll treat you with respect after all we are equals And when it’s all said and done our kids will see the sequels Of what we do in our lives so I strive for peace Slide like grease out of pride I teach when I speak Cooking food for the soul and I share what I eat You don’t have a place to rest I’ll give up my seat We’re all in this together I’ll see you next week
Start anew Before you get shook, it might not be that hard to do Do the negative looks fall in the margin of truth Or do you let too many cooks attempt to barge in the room The kitchen they tell you listen but their words don’t harbor proof Serving nutritional deficient food then come to harvest you Since I was an awkward youth I been digging through the rubbish Trying to get to the root of it and finally find some substance But there’s a lot of moving parts Sometimes I feel I’m treading water in a pool of sharks And I’m not bred from oligarchs so I don’t get the benefits of nepotism But I hope to impart wisdom before I depart Perusing searching for clues in the dark a lit spark Paying my dues and I’m assuming it’s art Since it don’t zoom up the charts can I illuminate hearts And still accumulate racks and put some shoes on my cart I’m flossin My vanity masking insecure anxieties Secretly hoping honesty will increase notoriety It feels good to tell my truth to the earth Look at myself with love and recognize my true worth
You could call it a comeback my life was in circles stuck runnin laps Repeating all the same mistakes now where’s the fun in that I couldn’t catch a break I kept straight bangin on the hatch it wouldn’t come unlatched Stuck in the same place thumbtack Had to embrace a change of pace it’s not a muthafuckin race I know that’s the information put in front of our face Open my heart to inspiration it’s like cracking a safe I take action today without plan continuation bias Continue plotting out my plans to get my fans the flyest Music I can, in pursuit of the perfect essence Part of which is subjective to your personal preference When yours and mine align it’s a beautiful thing Married to the music time to find a suitable ring Forged from work that the dirt under my cuticles bring And I promise to never ever say the usual things
Don’t follow me, follow your own odyssey True genius is usually dismissed as oddity I try to place people above material property But to a point honesty is the rarest commodity Live by the gun, perish by policy More accurately perish by poverty inequality Paradoxically the biggest crooks run monopolies Money stretched out with commas and apostrophes Sonically, I’m trying a few things I do it every day as if I’m tying my shoestrings I won’t align with a ruse, I paid dues Follow my muse and keep my gold tooth clean Teeth. They say death is the cousin of sleep Truth be told I hope to grow old and go counting sheep Unique soundwaves from the depths of the deep Treat our goals like mountains hope you climb every peak
Issues can rise up right outta the blue Can’t nobody tell you how to be you with any accuracy Dealing with feelings from times I thought were in back of me Stretching my mental faculties testing my simple strategies The obvious lesson is I still have a lot to learn Still ouchea blessin em I’ve got to earn word up Show up first to the course and I’ve been training of course Monday to Sunday with force they lookin Hyundai I’m Porsche Been all bent up and out of sorts getting wrecked Over events that seem trivial once seen in retrospect And on the other side of that I must confess I had some major things that happened I simply didn’t address It’s all perspective when avoiding altercations And maintaining a propensity to take in information These are simple iterations of my thoughts No contractual obligations all gratis never bought Strive to be worth my salt And have humility to take responsibility at fault Don’t take it too heavy if I slip in the process After all my life’s an imperfect work in progress
What do I got to say mane, been showin up with my A game I gotta stay on it cuz people they want it I keep it one hunnid to stay sane Lies they never did sit right even on nights I was gone off that get right Know how I’m living the scope of my vision expanded see it through big sight Growin up listen to Big Syke, comin of age in the nineties Where we were all up on that Thug Life, pitchin and keepin it grimy Some of us never grew out of it, some of our lives got cut short Some of us took a lengthy vacation at a state sponsored resort See my life how it looks now is not how it looked then I’m on some positive change now, I was somewhat of a crook then I was never ever square like a book end I’m extra rare like a good friend I’m doing something right my heroes have become my homies Life can be whatever you want Tony! Toni! Toné! And that’s a Bay shout out where they known to weight that out The code never rat out just another slap I spat out


A collection of the Freestyle Fridays from December 2018 to February 2020. Cover art by Chef Mike of Common & Normal.


released December 16, 2020

All production and raps by Philo Reitzel, except for the beat on "Murder (FF 44)" which is produced by Houseplantz, "Unappealing Fame (FF 45)" in which the backing track is played by the Alison Shearer Band, and "Grievance Remix (FF 67)" in which music is by Lo Totems.


all rights reserved



Philo Reitzel Asheville, North Carolina

Philo Reitzel raps, makes beats, videos, and illustrations. He currently splits his time between southern Mexico & the woods outside of Asheville, NC. For a time he lived in The Tenderloin, San Francisco, pre-tech-bro boom, performing at such venues as Club 6, The Fillmore, and Elbo Room. He drops a new song & video each week for his Freestyle Friday series on IG/YouTube/fb. ... more

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