Cry A River

from Live The Life by Philo Reitzel



dedicated to sneak dissers and IG gangstaz.


I see how you move, thinkin we can be fooled
Sneak dissin but pretendin it’s cool I paid attention in school
I learned how to read books and feel moods
Slimy presence presents itself as real smooth
People pandering to those they think they appeal to
ulterior motives thinly coated and see through
easily decoded by the code that we keep true
I live the kind of life I can sleep to, don’t need to
Put on airs, hoping somebody cares
If you need to impress em when you need em nobody’s there
I been taught a lot by the products of consumer culture
Anything of substance just gets ate by the newest vulture
Pick your bones clean remodel condos from your sepulcher
Collab with Supreme drop a t shirt to show they love ya
Diluted memories for the highest bidder
All we seem to value is the highest figure
Cry a river, it’s a deluge
Of people so delusional it’s like they’re poppin qualudes
They do, and I do, and you do, and why do
We lie to ourselves,
We love being lied to.

Peace out wsup
Peace out, wsup

Oh hello (hello) if you didn’t then now you know
Predictive text shaping your thoughts still you think it’s original
Everybody feel like the finta be next to blow
Talkin bout their ice and that girl with the melted snow
Borders between music and life US Mexico
Going back and forth so much the truth nobody know
Lack of transparency apparently status quo
Making it appear from thin air a magic show
Judges gavel hit you with years, a tragic blow
Oh NOW you tellin, you ain’t a gangsta no mo?
It’s fun to play on the IG but when you get hit in the head
Layin in the hospital bed with an IV
Cry me a river, it’s a deluge
Of people so delusional it’s like they’re poppin qualudes
They do, and I do, and you do, and why do
We lie to ourselves?
We love being lied to.

Goodbye everybody, I’ve got to go away
(go away, go away, go away)
those who really listened to me the only ones that knew me anyway
and I’m out!


from Live The Life, released April 17, 2020
production by Philo.


all rights reserved



Philo Reitzel Asheville, North Carolina

Philo Reitzel raps, makes beats, videos, and illustrations. He currently splits his time between southern Mexico & the woods outside of Asheville, NC. For a time he lived in The Tenderloin, San Francisco, pre-tech-bro boom, performing at such venues as Club 6, The Fillmore, and Elbo Room. He drops a new song & video each week for his Freestyle Friday series on IG/YouTube/fb. ... more

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