I Don't Love Em

by Philo



This is the first single off of "A Monster It Remains." Album drops early 2015.


***I don't love these mufuckin hoes! I got my drink & my patnaz & my sistaz & my mama & my brothaz & my papa & that's all that I need!***

Bring me back to that Outkast or James Brown/ life is more complex then misogynistic rap tracks layed down/ I never wanted to see you frown I only wanted your happiness/ that's why I lay awake at night wonderin how it ended like this?/ (like this) from the best to the worst like this?/ (like this) & I swear that it hurts like this!/ ain't no church that can save us only wanna watch the world burn until it cremates us/ Losin all my patience watchin love turn faithless/ watchin our hearts break us ain't no one to blame but us/ we used to have major trust now all we got is hate & lust/ It can't be justified I wish that I had fuckin died/ sayin I feel nothin inside cuz of my stubborn pride/ look into my eyes that's a mufuckin lie/ & you & I both know it ain't true/ but girl, I'm goin under gettin over you!


Tryin to describe what I felt in you/ It's like I got a story but no one to tell it to/ Spark a L or 2 with a chick that I don't care about/ & when I'm diggin her out I swear I think of you/ That's fucked up I know it I'm just tryin to forget/ & have the strength not to show it all my hurt & regret/ all the memories that's comin back while I write this thang/ I wish I had the men in Black to erase my brain/ I got cocaine & Jameson, molly & that California reefur/ to help me pretend I didn't ever meet ya/ bumpin Thug Life Volume 1 loud through the speaker/ as I swerve through the streets drunker than a southern preacher/ damn, ain't no words I can say/ I know I'd try to get you to come back if I saw you today/ cuz the truth is I want you to stay I don't want you to go/ but you gone go anyway... soooo.....


ride out


released October 15, 2014
Production, vocals, & mixing: Philo. Assistant engineer & mastering: Professor T.


all rights reserved



Philo Asheville, North Carolina

A walking paradox. A man all his own. Philo has been heavy in the game for years. Equally as talented in the realms of penning lyrics as he is in music production, he is not a force to be trifled with. He is half of the group Effigy, an experimental psych hop soul duo with the homie Linus. ... more

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