Live The Life

from Live The Life by Philo Reitzel



about dark times. rip to all the dead ones in this song.


Woke up this morning and realized that I don’t know nothing
Ain’t got no ibuprofen fuck it take a shot of bourbon
I been swerving mo and mo and my goals get mo uncertain
I been so depressed all I can do is sleep close my curtains
I go out with the homies after a day of workin
We pop a pill and snort a gram and females get to twerkin
I been goin ham mo and mo I’m not sure what happened
I quit my job cuz I was too turnt now I’m only trappin
We throwin house parties every other night it’s crackin
And if I didn’t have a habit I know I’d be stackin
Fuck it, chop out another one for me and my brotha
Bring a bottle over turnin up so don’t interrupt us
We gone die anyway so I’d rather go buzzin
The homie died the other day so for him we po up another’n
Why do we live this way because life is nothing but pain
And if I had it to do over I’m sure I’d live it the same

We live the life we don’t wonder why
Take our chances under the sky
Fleeting dances with we die
Six feet under we’re not surprised

pistol in the glovebox, always thinkin fuck cops
cuz I’m always breakin the law
bitch ridin in the back need a subox
but she ain’t finna to detox
we only keep her round for her jaw, can you feel me
I been livin reckless just like you
Snortin powder skippin breakfast now I’m on day 2
Dare message it effected us like opposite day
Told me walk the straight and narrow went the opposite way
The homie next to me skinny like a scarecrow
And he don’t care no mo
We ridin hella dirty seven thirty sellin mo blow
Am or pm it don’t make a difference
I’m feelin paranoid and I see johnny in the distance
Bend the corner pull over duck in the corner bar
I do housecalls mane I ain’t no corner star
And I been going too hard and I been doin too much
And every mufucka in this verse cept me got touched

We live the life we don’t wonder why
Take our chances under the sky
Fleeting dances with we die
Six feet under we’re not surprised


from Live The Life, released April 17, 2020
production by Philo. background vocals on hook by Linus.


all rights reserved



Philo Reitzel Asheville, North Carolina

Philo Reitzel raps, makes beats, videos, and illustrations. He currently splits his time between southern Mexico & the woods outside of Asheville, NC. For a time he lived in The Tenderloin, San Francisco, pre-tech-bro boom, performing at such venues as Club 6, The Fillmore, and Elbo Room. He drops a new song & video each week for his Freestyle Friday series on IG/YouTube/fb. ... more

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